Praise for Save Our System:

5.0 out of 5 stars: A refreshing perspective! January 12, 2012 — By T. C. Lowe (Tampa, FL)

Dr. Cleland does a wonderful job of outlining the facts, challenges, and political oversights that ushered in a ‘new normal’ for many American families today. I generally steer clear of ‘political’ books, but really enjoyed the unbiased, no nonsense perspective in the Save our System book. I highly recommend this book for those who are interested in a solution-focused approach to reclaiming the American dream.


5.0 out of 5 stars: It is time for change, December 20, 2011 — By LPJ

Save Our System is a must read. Our current political system is broken and we must find a way to fix it. Dr. Cleland clearly defines our country’s problems and outlines a path to correcting our political flaws. We must change the current system of “Business as usual in Washington”.


5.0 out of 5 stars: Voter Required Reading, December 11, 2011 — By M. P. Broderson

Dr. Cleland’s book should be required reading for everyone registering to vote. The book is a clearly stated educational work on why you should view all politicians with a skeptical eye. A smart politician could use this to develop a platform base for political reform.


5.0 out of 5 stars: Root Causes, October 24, 2011 — By D.E., MD

Dr. Cleland has presented us with a very good overview of our current economic 
and political situations with some of the historic events that led us here.
His discussion of “root causes” is quite pertinent. The medical profession prefers to treat the “root cause of the disease”, not just Band-aid the symptomes as is sometimes done by our politicians.
Some of our citizens and some of our politicians are unable or unwilling to do “the next right thing.”
Dr. Cleland gives us good guidance as to how we can ameliorate our current and
long-term situations.


5.0 out of 5 stars: Send it to Washington, September 15, 2011 — By Woody Woodruff

“Dr. Cleland’s book is aptly titled. It is by far the best book on the subject today. He not only analyzes our situation in common sense terms, he then offers creative solutions to every problem he uncovers. Every politician I’ve heard (Republican or Democrat) gives us the problems in obtuse terms, then offers no solutions! 

If I knew they would read it, I’d buy copies for every Senator, Congressional Rep and Bureaucrat in Washington!” 

: From BookviewsJuly 31, 2011 — By Alan Caruba, a Founding Member of the National Book Critics Circle.

We know that too many Americans have passed through the educational system without receiving the knowledge they need to understand the Constitution and what it was the Founding Fathers had in mind when they fashioned the federal government, a republic composed of separate republics, the States. The book is not a diatribe against either political party, but it does identify the nation’s systemic problems, along with their causes, evolution, solutions, and actions citizens can take to return the nation to its fundamental principles. You will learn what effect “career politicians” have on both creating and distorting the answer to problems, government systems that are near failure, and much more in this excellent “textbook” to bring any reader up to speed to make important decisions about the future at election time.


5 out of 5 starsExcellent analysis of our government system and problems, July 29, 2011 — By F K Thurston (TX)

I found it to be a thorough description of what our governing process has evolved to and the problems with the system. The current debt ceiling drama is a great example of the things discussed in the book. Well worth the time.


5 out of 5 starsA strong message that any political reader should seriously consider, July 10, 2011 — By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

When politicians are more concerned with staying in power than serving the people, we have an issue. “Save Our System: Why And How ‘We The People’ Must Reclaim Our Liberties Now” is a political call to arms against the career politicians who are corrupting our system and the reality of many topics in our political discourse. Placing the blame on both parties, he says more than ever the people’s voice needs to be heard. “Save Our System” has a strong message that any political reader should seriously consider.


5 out of 5 starsA Must Read, June 28, 2011 — By Stephen A. Enna (CA.)

Save Our System should be mandatory reading for anyone who seeks a public office or has the desire to rerun for one. In Save Our System the author does a masterful job of identifying the problems our Nation faces today, dumbing them down so they can be easily understood and offers realistic practical solutions that are achievable today. I believe Save Our System should be used as a mandatory hand book for all seniors graduating from high school and should be a part of all college economics and political science classes. Hats off to a practical, realistic approach to our Nations economic, political and fiscal problems.


5 out of 5 starsPerfect ‘Handbook’ for an upcoming election season! June 21, 2011 — By amp (Philadelphia, PA.)

Save Our System is a ‘must read’ for anyone planning to vote in 2012! Dr. Cleland not only lays out the critical problems we’re facing as a nation, but also shows where these problems began and offers clear and concise ways for every American citizen to make intelligent and tough choices in the election booth. It’s a unique handbook in that the author uses ‘true’ numbers and real-life examples taken straight from today’s political headlines and makes it easy for us – the citizens and voters – to easily identify the problems, culprits and political double-speak that is running our country into financial ruin. With every candidate that tosses his/her hat into the ring and every debate that airs, I will make sure that I have a copy of Save Our System in my hand to see exactly who is and isn’t doing right by this country.


5 out of 5 starsLife, Liberty and the Pursuit of a Better Government, May 1, 2011 — By Randeegfeld (FL.)

Save Our System is an excellent narrative of the problems that our nation is currently facing. Written with historic perspective this book is the primer for all Americans who want solutions on how they can return our nation back to the underlying principles that the framers of the constitution intended. 

This book is non-partisan and is a call to action for all Americans to come together to fix a system that is obviously broken and barely limping along. 

When 42% of respondents to a recent poll respond that China is the most dominant economic power in the world, its a wake up call for Americans to take a hard look at our country and what we can do to fix it. In Save Our System, Lynn Cleland does just that. The solutions in Save Our System are based on thoughtful research and keen insights. Donald Trump should take his helicopter to his closest Barnes and Noble and buy a copy for everyone he knows!

SOS Testamonials

5 out of 5 stars A must read for every American!, April 11, 2011 — By Colleen Richter (Hicksville, OH.)
The author, in clear and concise language, provides a workable ‘battle plan’ for getting our country back on track. This book sums up all the things that are wrong with America and shows how they can be made right again! EVERYone should read this and take appropriate action.

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