Excerpts from Save Our System

Contents and Introduction

A Few Quotes from Save Our System

Paradigm Shift — “Personal responsibility and accountability have been replaced with “I want it now and I want someone else to pay for it.”

Fifteen Politicians’ Tricks — “Politicians use numerous tricks (tactics) to scare, mislead and seduce citizens into becoming recruits and foot solders in their wars. … (and) to convince us to reelect them over and over again.”

Health Care “Do Over” — “… what a “do over” of the health care system might look like if we started with the goal of improving the health of all citizens.”

Government Size — “… there are approximately eight million more Americans working for our … governments than in all U.S. manufacturing industries.”

Wage History — “Historically wages have increased fifty percent per decade due to inflation and other factors.

Debt — “… doubling the tax bracket rates for income and corporate taxes is not sufficient to cover existing mandatory social program costs.”

Fair Progressive Taxes — The question is: how do we make these taxes fair, and not allow political manipulation?

Financial Tipping point — A tipping point exists … that may cause another financial crisis and would make the 2009 financial crisis … seem mild.

Journalism — When journalistic success is measured in ratings, … it is no longer journalism as our Founding Fathers had intended.

Charismatic Leaders — … define charisma based on “what people see their leader as” rather than what their leader is.

“We The People’s” War — Our weapons are well-informed citizens; our bullets are ballots.

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