Ebola: What is the true risk?

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria (e.g., MRSA & MDR-TB) and viruses (e.g., flu) constantly mutate. A mutant or variant strain can result in a pandemic. Can we believe our Government’s claims that Ebola is under control? History of Ebola and its ”cousin” Marburg suggest we are being misled.

All Citizans Lose When Idiots Fight

Are all “republicans” idiots or are there just a few republican idiots who have been elected to national government positions. Once again in the recent budget and debt limit fight, republicans snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in just a few weeks. Multiple groups of republican leaning politicians would rather be “right” than win policy battles and elections. This “righteousness” is likely to result in even more democratic victories. The idiocy is in the form of republicans calling other republicans nasty names and laying blame on each other for problems mostly caused by democrats. So long as republicans continue their idiocy, democrats can easily justify “name calling,” half-truths, and outright lies that the general public then believes.

Are Businesses and the Wealthy “Bad Citizens?”

Our citizenry has been lead to believe by politicians that businesses and the wealthy are “bad greedy citizens” because they have too much power and receive special treatment. This works out nicely for the politicians since it provides food for their rhetoric. But is this conclusion true or false? The answer is “false.” The argument is up side down.

Politicians in return for favors and money (bribes) bestow power and special treatment to businesses and the wealthy. The politicians have past laws and rules that allow them to legally accept favors and money and they eagerly do so. Who are the “bad citizens” in this scenario? Is it those who offer the (legal) bribes to the politicians or the politicians who passed the laws and rules that allow them to take bribes?

Political Win Strategy: “Educate The Masses”

We have ten months to “educate the masses” if we are to win our next political war. The masses include 37 million independent and some liberal voters, not just other conservatives. We must use knowledge as weapons and ballots as bullets in our non-violent battles. Many patriots have the knowledge (weapons) but we need ballots (bullets) to win. Most citizens rely on political rhetoric and other biased sources for their knowledge because they do not have the time or desire to research the facts needed to make informed decisions. We have seen the consequences of poorly informed voters. The question is: How can we turn “knowledgeable patriots” into teachers that educate and recruit enough voters to win?

Dysfunctional Government? — Let’s Fix It! — PART I


This four-part series describes a key cause for our nation’s problems and corrective actions we can collectively take to eliminate the cause. The series provides the reader with facts and observations to help make informed decision independent of political party preferences. PART I defines our present government, and why most citizens are frustrated, angry, and scared. PART II describes how our present government evolved to its present state. PART III shows that most of our problems are symptoms of one key “root” cause. PART IV provides actions “we the people,” the 99%, can take to correct the root cause thereby reinvigorating our great nation for future generations. 

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