Ebola: What is the true risk?

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria (e.g., MRSA & MDR-TB) and viruses (e.g., flu) constantly mutate. A mutant or variant strain can result in a pandemic. Can we believe our Government’s claims that Ebola is under control? History of Ebola and its ”cousin” Marburg suggest we are being misled.

All Citizans Lose When Idiots Fight

Are all “republicans” idiots or are there just a few republican idiots who have been elected to national government positions. Once again in the recent budget and debt limit fight, republicans snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in just a few weeks. Multiple groups of republican leaning politicians would rather be “right” than win policy battles and elections. This “righteousness” is likely to result in even more democratic victories. The idiocy is in the form of republicans calling other republicans nasty names and laying blame on each other for problems mostly caused by democrats. So long as republicans continue their idiocy, democrats can easily justify “name calling,” half-truths, and outright lies that the general public then believes.

Principles-Based Income Taxes

 Summary: The nation’s financial situation requires control of spending and improved tax systems. Many income tax systems, e.g., flat taxes and others, have been proposed. The present progressive income tax would be hard to replace, but it needs to be re-engineered starting from a set of principles. A re-engineered income tax system can expedite solutions to today’s fiscal problems, reduce future problems, and help unite a divided citizenry by being a simple, fair, and long-tern focused.

The Case For A Wealth Tax

Summary: A progressive wealth tax applied to the top one percent wealthiest citizens is proposed that is superior to the “Fiscal Cliff” rate increase for high earners. A wealth tax decreases the rich-poor gap, is less burdensome on job creating small businesses, is a fair and simple way to raise deficit reduction revenues, and is in the nation’s long-term best interest.

New Business Taxes = U.S. Jobs and Economic Growth

Summary: Two new taxes are proposed to replace present business taxes. A small flat tax assures businesses pay for general benefits they receive from publically financed functions. A value added tax (VAT) that is zero or small for value added within the U.S. and higher for value added offshore will drive investments and jobs to the U.S. and keep U.S. businesses globally competitive.

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