Ridiculous Deficit/Debt Rhetoric & Senate Vote

Politicians’ deficits and debt proposals lack credibility but provide (false) hope for many uninformed citizens.

Proposed Tax Increases and Spending Cuts Facts:

Every political season is filled with political rhetoric, media sound bites, and misinformation. This season is different because our political candidates are incapable or unwilling to discuss the truth about our Nation’s problems. The truth is that the scale and magnitude of these problems are larger than our politicians’ ability to respond. This terrifies politicians because it demonstrates their need for power and personal greed have taken priority over our nation’s long-term wellbeing. Politicians’ future depends upon their ability to hide the facts.

Are Businesses and the Wealthy “Bad Citizens?”

Our citizenry has been lead to believe by politicians that businesses and the wealthy are “bad greedy citizens” because they have too much power and receive special treatment. This works out nicely for the politicians since it provides food for their rhetoric. But is this conclusion true or false? The answer is “false.” The argument is up side down.

Politicians in return for favors and money (bribes) bestow power and special treatment to businesses and the wealthy. The politicians have past laws and rules that allow them to legally accept favors and money and they eagerly do so. Who are the “bad citizens” in this scenario? Is it those who offer the (legal) bribes to the politicians or the politicians who passed the laws and rules that allow them to take bribes?

Quantitative Easing Affects All Of Us

Federal Reserve’s “Quantitate Easing (QE)” is simply money printing. Money is typically printed to accommodate an expanding economy. When money printing greatly exceeds economic growth, every dollar printed slashes (lowers) the value of existing dollars. Excessive printing is now being done to TEMPORARILY prop up our government and the stock market.

Fed’s QE’s Slashes Dollar’s Value

Bad U.S. Socioeconomic Theories

In the early 20th century eugenics became a popular theory. Eugenics assumed that talent and genius were hereditary traits, and that selective breeding could improve the human race. Scientists measured physical and other attributes seeking the best solutions to race improvement. Nazi officials exploited this theory with their “experiments.” Today we understand this was a really bad theory.

Today’s liberal/progressive theories include: (1a) printing money out of thin air, and (1b) borrowing your way out of debt are good economic policies, and (2) successful companies (Apple, Google, etc.) and creative entrepreneurs are the result of the (big) government supported policies. All of these theories are also really bad.

Politicians: Sociopaths or Pathological Liars

Most citizens consider a partly true or a “bent” story intended to scare, seduce or mislead others a lie. For sure career politicians bend the truth about everything, large and small. Thus, a career politician’s rhetoric is mostly a lie. We citizens have come to accept this as rather than demand the whole truth. Why?

A large percentage of U.S. career politicians are lawyers. Lawyers as part of the “adversary truth” process are trained to bend the truth and lie to benefit their client. It is up to the lawyer’s adversary to do the same and expose any lies. While this is a reasonable process in a legal setting it is not in the best interest of our Nation, but unfortunately, all career politician now practice the adversary truth process.

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