Is Today The New U.S.A. Way?

People without jobs who vote for a living outnumber the people working for a living. This is not a good scenario. Dependency on government increases as this gap between those who have a job and those who want a job grows. All voters with and without jobs must understand this downward jobs spiral leads to a bleak future for all present and future citizens. This Must Not Be The New U.S.A. Way.

It will be unless we elect leaders who understand government funded -mostly temporary- jobs require money that could be better spent by the more efficient private sector to create long-term jobs. We must ask: Are leaders who’ve not worked in the private sector qualified to be private sector job creators? For example, President Obama and much of his Administration have never held a real private sector job other than as a union member. Are they experts on creating jobsthey think all it takes is more debt & taxes? 

Money (wealth) is required to create jobs. So we must ask: Will more debt and taxes result in sufficient job creation? Public funds for jobs come from the private sector so these jobs are created at the expense of more private sector jobs. Debt continues to burden future generations over the long-term. The new taxes proposed do not solve any long-term problems since they amount to only 1-2% annual deficit reduction. The proposed tax “mantra” is being used as class warfare to garner votes. Buying into these “fixes” without having long-term plans for correcting our tax systems and increasing debt assures the vicious downward spiral continues.

Breaking the downward spiral requires differentiating between facts and political rhetoric. To be reelected, politicians’ rhetoric states whatever they think you want to hear not what you need to know to make informed decisions. Awareness of even a few facts helps. Here are three key facts to remember:

1. Our nation must create 90,000 to 120,000 jobs per month just to keep up with the population growth.

2.  The national debt is over $15T and, even if all spending reductions and new taxes proposed by both parties were enacted:

  • The deficit would not be significantly reduced.
  • The debt would continue to rapidly grow.

3.  Many costs/savings have already been deferred to later years, e.g., ObamaCare legislation increases Medicare insurance premiums from $96.40 monthly to:

  • $104.20 in 2012
  • $120.20 in 2013
  • $247.00 in 2014.

Let’s vote for leaders who are proposing realistic, not rhetorical solutions to our key national problems. Analyze the answers candidates give to key problems. Check their numbers to determine if they token or real fixes. Are they long-term solutions or simply short–term “hope — to keep their jobs”, and “change — the focus of who is to blame” rhetoric?



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Dr. Cleland’s Ph.D. is from Purdue University where he specialized in complex systems theory. His technical training and experiences includes analyses of many types of systems, involvement with numerous federal, state, and local agencies, and management of a broad set of set of professionals, services, and trades people. He has managed scientists, engineers, policemen, firefighters, environment, health, safety and emergency planning experts, building trades and maintenance crafts personnel, and others.

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