Dysfunctional Government? — Let’s Fix It! — PART II

PART II: Evolution To U.S. Oligarchy

—   What happened and why? —

PART I, shows U.S. citizens are divided into three groups: a few political rulers, the 1% powerful and/or wealthy enablers that support the rulers in return for favors, and the rest of us. These three groups constitute a government that is different than that envisioned by our Founders. How this new government evolved and its ramifications are presented here.

Historically every country’s government has evolved over time. The causes and resulting outcome for its citizens vary. From a citizen perspective the type of government greatly impacts individual financial status, freedoms, health, and other human needs and desires. There are essentially four types of governments depending upon the degree of control over its citizens. History describes attributes of each type:

  • Oligarchy — rule by a few (monarchy, dictatorships, socialism, etc.) — relatively stable due to physical control of resources and citizens — eventually the resources run out and citizens seek change. It is the most common government in history and today. The few rulers rely on religious, wealthy, military, and/or powerful groups who enable the rulers to control the masses and retain power in return for favors from the rulers.
  • Democracy — rule by majority— unstable — eventually evolves to an oligarchy, as the majority’s demands can no longer be met.
  • Republic — rule by laws based on moral principles — most stable — provides liberties and protects minorities. Our original government was a republic.
  • Anarchy — no government — very unstable — quickly evolves to another form typically an oligarchy.

Our nation has evolved from its republic roots to a democracy, and now is an oligarchy. The question is: How did this change happen? Our nation has evolved from its original republic as described in the Constitutional documents to being called and treated as a true democracy even though “democracy” is not mentioned anywhere in the original Constitutional documents. The Constitution does use a “democratic process” for selecting our representatives, but the representatives are required to uphold the Constitution’s principles and laws. But the rules and laws politicians have given themselves are not in or sanctioned by the Constitution, and certainly are not in the best interest of the we the people. This significant change started in the early 1900’s by “progressive” politicians and has accelerated in recent years. Our unstable “democracy” has now evolved into our present oligarchy comprised of the 3100 key career politician rulers.

Global changes, various consolidations, technical advancements, and political opportunities have driven this evolution. Global economics and trade and other global factors have forced a rapid consolidation of similar functions in recent decades. Financial, technical, communication, service and other functions have shifted from many small to fewer large entities (corporations). These consolidations had consequences, e.g.,

  • Big corporations had the resources needed to influence our rulers.
  • Some financial, automobile, and insurance institutions became “to big to fail.”
  • Big new media conglomerates now focus on sound bites and stories to improve rating and profits instead of providing what citizens need to know, and also have become the propaganda machines for the rulers and enablers.
  • Trillions of dollars of new money has been printed (Quantitative Easing) in an attempt to increase jobs by increasing available funds and lowering the value of the dollar to increase exports.
  • Exponentially increasing debt now in excess of our GDP, a level only briefly occurring following WWII.

Consolidation consequences are worldwide. Europe’s Union and Euro standard is one example. Another is global trade where China and a few other countries are dominating manufacturing thereby affecting jobs worldwide.

Adding to global consolidation factors were the evolution of mass communications that rulers can use to propagate their rhetoric, and a shift of political parties tactics where debate and compromise to establish the best long term policies for the nation were replaced with party wars that focus on short term policies for power gain. The big money from enablers, and means provided by broad communicate provided better opportunities for career politicians to manipulate the masses through scare seduction and misinformation tactics. Specifically, career politicians have:

  • Used tactical tricks, and government and bribe funds to garner our votes. The lack of discussion and knowledge of politicians’ tactical tricks makes fooling voters easy.
  • Used money and tricks to turn elections into a game designed to make we the people think we are in control because “democracy” is allowing us to vote. Many oligarchies (e.g., Russia, Iran) claim to be democracies and use similar processes to garner votes.
  • Rewarded the wealthy and powerful special interests groups supporting the oligarchy. Rewards are many and varied ranging from tax breaks and exemptions to laws beneficial to specific groups such as insufficiently funded “entitlements,” and public employee unions.

The “hope and changes” proposed by both political parties are smoke and mirrors “solutions” to defer needed actions to after the next election. Two policy examples, independent of whether or not you support either policy, are typical of the smoke and mirrors. The Iraq War dollar costs have been blamed for our deficit, but on an annual basis its cost was less than 10% of the deficit. The same is true of the “tax the rich” mantra since it would reduce the deficit by about 8%. Policy tricks are used to keep us divided and confused. What would happen if we found a root cause that would correct the cause?

While our career politicians have focused on their party wars and tricks to garner our votes in the short-term, the long-terms problems caused by an evolving world have NOT been addressed. The result is our government has evolved into an undesirable and declining oligarchy.


Read more….. PART III demonstrates that most problems of concern are symptoms of one key root cause. PART IV provides actions “we the people” can take to correct the root cause and fix our nation’s problems.

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Dr. Cleland’s Ph.D. is from Purdue University where he specialized in complex systems theory. His technical training and experiences includes analyses of many types of systems, involvement with numerous federal, state, and local agencies, and management of a broad set of set of professionals, services, and trades people. He has managed scientists, engineers, policemen, firefighters, environment, health, safety and emergency planning experts, building trades and maintenance crafts personnel, and others.

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  • The main problem is that many of our elected representatives have a conflict of interests in promoting the general well-being of the people. This government dysfunction has displaced the economy, facing the most pressing problem to the nation.

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