Politicians’ Rules Allow Wall Street “Bribes”

Wall Street demonstrators’ should focus on career politicians’ self-serving rules, e.g., allowing “legal” bribes. Unlike most groups, Congress establishes it’s own rules. These rules have evolved to obtain money for their reelection, and many perks. Any person or special interest group can provide “election funds,” and much of our money is doled out to citizens to garner votes. These are really “legal” bribes approved by Congress. We must force Congress to change their rules in order to solve Wall Street and other problems.

Every serious problem we have is the result of career politicians’ actions or inactions driven by their need for money and power. They are responsible for our nations deficits and debts, poor management of our money for bailouts, driving businesses to send jobs offshore, out of control public employee funding, and many other problems. These problems require a nation of citizens who are united and are told the whole truth. It is not in politicians’ best (reelection) interest to unite us to solve our problems or to chart a viable long-term national vision for each issue.

Replace greedy career politicians

Career Politicians

In politics power and greed trumps ethics, and hope and optimism trumps telling the whole – often pessimistic – truth. Let’s not blame each other for problems or allow half-truth political rhetoric to be our source of information. Politicians only tell us what they think we want to hear and blame each other or some scapegoat for their failures. Only “We the People” can make the changes our nation needs, career politicians won’t. Well informed active U.S citizens will make good ”nation first” decisions and must force politicians to change or vote them out.

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Dr. Cleland’s Ph.D. is from Purdue University where he specialized in complex systems theory. His technical training and experiences includes analyses of many types of systems, involvement with numerous federal, state, and local agencies, and management of a broad set of set of professionals, services, and trades people. He has managed scientists, engineers, policemen, firefighters, environment, health, safety and emergency planning experts, building trades and maintenance crafts personnel, and others.

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