Liberal’s 2012 Win-Win-Win Strategies

We often arrive at our decisions about political policies and leaders based on rhetoric provided by politicians and the media because we are too busy to do the required homework. Later as the truth unfolds we regret our decisions. While the 2012 conservative republican’s strategies are still evolving, the liberal democrat’s and Obama’s win-win-win strategies have been clear for many months. We must be aware of three liberal democrat “win” strategies when we make our decisions.

Jobs Proposal Con-Job

President Obama’s proposal to spend about $450B now to create jobs is a re-election con-job, not a real long-term solution. The President implies taxing the rich making more than $200,000, and eliminating corporate tax loopholes “now” will solve our job problems. Whether or not you believe the rich should pay more taxes does not hide the fact his arguments are bogus.

99% — Who’s to Blame?

We frustrate 99% need to ask how and why our nation’s current problems evolved before placing blame.

  • “How” is simple. Our politicians’ accept “bribe” money and support provide by the wealthy 1% and other special interest groups for their reelections. Politicians’ deny they are influenced by these funds and favors, but these denials are disputed by the results. Politicians’ repay these “legal bribes” with special laws and return favors.
  • “Why” is equally simple. Our politicians’ highest priorities are their reelection and gaining power, not our Constitution principles or the best long-term interests of the nation.

Politicians’ Rules Allow Wall Street “Bribes”

Wall Street demonstrators’ should focus on career politicians’ self-serving rules, e.g., allowing “legal” bribes. Unlike most groups, Congress establishes it’s own rules. These rules have evolved to obtain money for their reelection, and many perks. Any person or special interest group can provide “election funds,” and much of our money is doled out to citizens to garner votes. These are really “legal” bribes approved by Congress. We must force Congress to change their rules in order to solve Wall Street and other problems.

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