Smoke and Mirror Debt Proposals: Turning Dreams Into Nightmares

The financial rape of our young citizens’ futures will continue if the present political campaigns are any indication. Career politicians’ re-elections have become dependent on “borrowing” money from our young citizens to garner votes from their elders. This borrowing has created a debt crisis that is now a topic for the 2012 elections. The deficit and debt solutions proposed by both political parties are half-truth “tweaks” to the status quo aimed at their re-elections and gaining party power. Their proposals will not solve our problems.

Obama’s Debt Speech Doesn’t Add Up

The President’s speech was both encouraging and disappointing. The speech was encouraging because for the first time President Obama, a liberal democrat, actually acknowledged many of the nation’s pressing financial issues. He also presented a nice vision for our nation’s future. The speech was disappointing not because he proposed too many tax increases or spending cuts. It was disappointing because it was full of the normal political tactics (tricks) to scare, mislead and seduce we citizens, and does not solve our problems.

Violations Of Youths’ Civil Rights Continue

The federal state and local debts (and liabilities) our politicians have and are continuing to accumulate are an enormous burden estimated to total over $300,000 per citizen. Most of these debts will have to be paid by our younger citizens many of whom will also have personal debts for education, housing and other items. Politicians’ have used debt funds to garner votes from the elders of these young. These elders were scared, mislead and seduced by career politicians into believing that the deficits leading to these debts were necessary. Parents and grandparents were not aware they were devastating their young’s future. This financial raping of our youth (34% of whom are under the age of 25) is the U.S.’s biggest civil rights issue since women’s right to vote. It is time for the public, particularly young parents and younger voting citizens, to express their outrage and demand the truth from our politicians.

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