Non-partisan book explains today’s key economic, social, and political problems 

Save Our System Now

Save Our System (S.O.S.) describes the key national systems whose failure will result in irreversible consequences for our nation. The author, a system analyst, predicts each system’s failure mechanisms using layman’s terms.  Many of the author’s system predictions have become reality and others are still evolving. S.O.S. defines the systemic problems, problem causes, evolution, and solutions, and actions we can take to return our nation to its underlying principles. Through its nonpartisan tone, broad scope, and inherent hopefulness, S.O.S. provides an educational beacon for readers.

S.O.S. provides facts and many examples to discuss four interlinked problems: government systems such as our financial, healthcare, education and political systems that are near failure or have significant deficiencies; tactics and tricks politicians use to scare, mislead, seduce and manipulate voters; political leadership and parties that exasperate problems rather than solve them; and possible solutions to these problems including strategies and actions individuals can take to improve our nation.

S.O.S. is not a diatribe against one political party or the other. It starts by exploring the key problems that plague our current political climate that will lead to more government systems’ failures, later rips the rug out from under the career politicians that perpetuate voter manipulation, and ends enlightening all citizens to act and vote intelligently.

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